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"Bringing it back to go forward" J-Tek Records was setup in June 2007 to fuse the classic vibes of early Jungle Techno with modern samples and the production skills of today. The label ethos is to open up the boundries between Jungle, House and Breakbeat.
J-Tek 001 Out Soon

Our first release consists of 2 tunes:

A - Falling Bombs - Outrage and Modular
AA - Living In A Basement - Modular

Side A consists of a serious jungle techno tune, consisting of blended 4/4 and amen sections marching on top of a few samples which may be very familiar to the listener. As soon as the bass drops, it will undoubtedly murder the dancefloor. The tune’s content is pertinent to this day and age, and will strike a chord with anyone who has turned on their TV in the past few years only to see war, genocide, and human rights violations.

Side AA presents a masterful approach to the jungle techno sounds, and draws on dub and techno influence. Maintaining a steady 4/4 groove over bouncing subs and ethereal atmospherics before drifting into serious rave stabs, this will definitely be one for the DJ looking to get the party going.

J-Tek Street Team
We are looking for one person in each country to rep and spread the J-tek word. Duties will entail handing out flyers for local J-tek nights, Posting J-tek news letters on your local forums, bringing new members to the J-tek forum.. SPREAAAD THE WORRRD..
In return we will put you on the free mp3 mailing list, give you free merchandise when available, free entry to all J-tek parties and moderators rights in the street team forum. Successful street members will be offered other opportunities within the J-tek music group.

Please email with you musical background and any experience to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mission Statement
Binging It back To Go forward

Let us introduce J-Tek, the new label from a crew consisting of Outrage (Backlash, Metalheadz, Basement Records), Digital (Function, Timeless, Metalheadz), Modular (HardLeaders, Flex, Lab Logic), Aperture (Whisper Audio, Metalheadz, Paradox Music), and the original jungle don Randall (Mac II, Metalheadz, Reinforced) which brings back the long lost jungle techno sound. Fusing classic 4/4 rhythms and syncopated funk breakbeats, J-Tek takes us to a classic age of electronic music (1992-1994) that was short-lived, but full of energy. J-Tek serves as a bridge between the ideas of the past and the engineering of the future, and the 140-150 bpm tempo provides crossover ability with other dance genres. Once again, DJs will have the ability to build sets with elements of both house and jungle, uniting the market. Mind you, this sound differs greatly from the days of old, and the J-Tek crew is aimed at employing their own identity when creating the music, deriving inspiration from Jungle, Techno, Electro, House, Acid, Hip-Hop, Dub, and Reggae – amongst other genres.

We believe there is a need for a genre which will be accessible to all reaches of electronic music, and bring back what many labels pioneered in the early 90’s only to move on to faster tempos. Already, there are some top producers and DJs on board for the project, We plan on using this support to complement a detailed marketing strategy based on an experienced collective of label owners, including events based throughout the UK.

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