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"Bringing it back to go forward" J-Tek Records was setup in June 2007 to fuse the classic vibes of early Jungle Techno with modern samples and the production skills of today. The label ethos is to open up the boundries between Jungle, House and Breakbeat.
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The J-tek Records crew has started it's first tour for 2008, for more info on the tour dates you can check out the J-Tek Records Calendar. If you want to book any of the J-Tek Crew you should contact Zoe in the contact section of the site or use this email address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it You can also book any of the J-Tek Crew through our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/jtekagency
The J-Tek Agency

Welcome to the J-Tek Artist Agency


The J-Tek artist agency boasts an array of well known artists and DJ such as Randall, Digital, Outrage, Modular, Aperture and Double O. Our aim is to offer promotors and clubs the J-Tek sound which will definitly give you something fresh for 2008. The artists booked through the J-Tek agency will only play the J-Tek sound, exclusive material and even old school Jungle Techno sets. 

DJ Randall Biography

Dj Randall needs no introduction with releases on Ram records (along side andy c), moving shadow, Reinforced as well as his own imprint Mac II. Not forgetting his role in the legendary A.W.O.L nights this will be the first time Randall has touched us soil since july 2006. His new double mix cd will be hitting the shops around march time to coinside with this tour perfectly.

Digital Biography
Digital aka Steve Carr is the primary musical moniker this Ipswich based producer is known exclusively for his "old skool beatz" and "dubby B-lines" but a short conversation and a little investigative listening indicate this is one producer likely to pull a few seriously weighty tricks out of the bag. Digital has been involved in music all of his life, particularly reggae. Main influences being from his father having run a sound system for about thirty years. 
Outrage Biography
Outrage (formerly known as DJ Rage) has been closely following drum and bass for over a decade. His first break came at the age of 15 when he gained a slot on Bedfords (UK) pirate radio station Shock FM. It was not long after the broadcast that his vigorous sets began gracing the Bedford area dance floors, catching the attention of fans and future collaborators alike. Outrage would form his first major alliance at the age of 16 when he crossed paths and teamed up with Stomp & Weaver which resulted in his initial production efforts, with the collaborations Check the Flava and Deep in 2 Depth. 
Modular Biography

Modular has been DJing and producing music for over 15 years. You may have known him as Stomp, one half of Stomp & Weaver, together they released 25 + commercial releases and had support/radio play from DJ's like John Peel, Kiss FM, Hype, 1 in the Jungle (Wilber), Outrage, Double O and L Double. Modular has had releases under Stomp on labels like Flex, Hardleaders, WOM, Mix & Blen, Mecca, Ft Recordings, Hyper Records and of course their own Lab Logic. 

Aperture Biography
Aperture brings a unique melodic vibe to the table, with lush atmosphere throughout his tunes. While stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana with the Marine Corps Aperture met with a local producer named 5.star, who served as a mentor in the studio and introduced Aperture to another important colleague - Outrage.
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